Matsuya Dining Room

Adapting for survival and how we’re committed to protecting you, our loyal customers.

It’s hard to imagine how we got here, but here we are.

With our “new normal” still unclear, our doors have been closed for nearly two months.

As the dust continues to settle, it is now time for the sprout to peek its tiny green leaf out again.


Here’s what we’re committed to doing to ensure the safety of our product:


We are down to our core crew of three, each of whom has been self isolating since our closure, and will continue to do so outside of work hours.

We will be monitoring for any signs of fever each and every day before we open.

Each of our team will be practicing social distancing while at work with only three people in all of nearly 3,000 square feet.

Each of our team will be wearing personal protective equipment, masks & gloves while in our restaurant as well as during transportation.

No one will be traveling using public transportation of any kind.

Surfaces will be sanitized on a regular and constant basis.

Incoming food packages will be sanitized to the best of our ability as well.

Delivery companies will be asked to leave their products outside of our establishment and will not be allowed to enter.

Customers will be offered curbside pickup only and will also not be allowed to enter our establishment 🙁


Lastly, we are committed to offering a mix of menu items that is geared towards all price & value points.

We know that this is a very challenging time for everyone and our aim is not only to ensure our own survival, but also to be in service to those around us who we know are trying to do exactly the same. We’re all in this together.


I’m sure we will continue to refine the list above as we continue down this journey together but, please know,

that we are dedicated to being able to bring back the delicious taste of yesterday, during times like this when we need it the most.

Stay Safe & Thank You for Your Support.