Matsuya Interior 01

A local gem built on goodwill, great friendships & excellent food… Since 1996.

For over 24 years we’ve been nurturing relationships, one by one, between the most amazing patrons, and team, that a restaurant owner could ever ask for.  Sharing in the myriad of joys and sorrows in our lives, we immerse ourselves in the delicious passions that we all share together, great food & connection.  Our vehicles, buttery bluefin tuna, custard-y california sea urchin, citrus laced salmon sashimi, kobe beef, fresh wasabi root, I could go on and on.  The food, the drink & the company all come together to serve as a glorious token of our celebration for each and every now that we are gifted with, and it just tastes so good 🙂


That is who we are.  

We’re that neighborhood place built in the visual modesty of shopping center who’s heart and skill can, have and do stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest sushi restaurants in the heart of manhattan…  Visually inviting, without pomp & circumstance, twice the heart.


We welcome you to our neck of the woods.  

Cozy warmth in the winter.  Refreshingly crisp & vibrant in the summer.


Come inside.  Make yourself at home, ’cause we’re gonna have a good time.